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Ремонт, обслуживание компьютеров, оргтехники, заправка картриджей. Тел.:(843) 258-28-78


Address: 420029 Kazan Street. D.34 Siberian Route 013 office building 320
Phone: (843) 258-28-78
Fax: (842) 510-97-52


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Subscriber services
Subscriber services computers Print E-mail

Subscriber services includes a wide range of services provided:

  1. Setup and administration of servers.
  2. Setting up the office software.
  3. Secure storage of data.
  4. Anti-virus protection.
  5. Automation of business processes.
  6. The organization of the database.
  7. Communication between the remote office.
  8. Recommendations for optimizing the network infrastructure meets your needs.

The main advantages of a simple Subscriber services:

  1. Building a user-friendly for you to schedule visits to specialist (s)
  2. Rapid response to your request through the online collection of the information system.
  3. A unique pattern of information structure allows companies to quickly and accurately to the remote user consultation.
  4. Remote monitoring and administration of the server (s).

The whole process of implementation Subscriber services:

  1. Identification and assessment of customer needs
  2. Simulation object
  3. Initial adjustment
  4. Client Servicing and tuning
  5. Support and maintenance of the entire fleet of computer equipment in operation

Subscriber services

Count computersCost of care for the unit., Per month, RUR.Number of preventive visits per monthThe number of emergency visits per month
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